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1. Data collected via the website

The company JustAuthMe SAS collects with the User's consent personal data relating to the User via its website This data collection includes

  1. The E-Mail address provided by the User via the form on the home page.

2. Data collected via the JustAuthMe mobile application

The company JustAuthMe SAS collects, with the User's consent, personal data relating to the User via its mobile application. The data entered by the User in the JustAuthMe mobile application is only stored on the User's mobile device. Only the E-Mail address is saved in the E-Mail sending logs for legal and marketing purposes, but is not associated with the corresponding JustAuthMe account. When the User connects to a website or application using the JustAuthMe solution, the data necessary for this connection uses the JustAuthMe servers as a secure gateway to be transmitted securely to the recipient site or application. This is called "caching" the data while the final recipient of the data retrieves it.

This data collection includes, for each first connection to a service using the JustAuthMe solution, at least one item from this exhaustive list:

  1. An E-Mail address
  2. A first name
  3. A last name
  4. A date of birth
  5. One photo
  6. A mailing address
  7. A phone number
  8. A profession
  9. A company name

Please note that points 4 to 9 are optional data that may not be provided when the JustAuthMe mobile application is launched.

3. Data Recipients

The E-Mail address provided by the User, via the site or the application, is intended for the exclusive use of the company JustAuthMe SAS in order to distribute its newsletter, to carry out direct canvassing for its products and to communicate to its users important information for the proper functioning of the application, such as:

  • A confirmation link to the E-Mail address
  • A confirmation code for connecting to the JustAuthMe application

The data collected via the JustAuth.Me mobile application is only intended for the websites and applications that the User has decided to connect to via JustAuthMe. The company JustAuthMe SAS has, at no time, the knowledge or any access to this data. Access to the "Caching" system is not permitted.

4. Persons responsible for the processing of personal data

5. Purposes of data processing

The data collected via the website are necessary for:

  • Manage subscriptions to various electronic communications

The data collected via the mobile application is required for:

  • The operation of the solution.
  • The sending of e-mails necessary for the User's experience.

In accordance with the law, the User has the right to consult, modify and delete personal data concerning him/her. This right may be exercised by sending an e-mail to the address An unsubscription link is also present at the end of each e-mail, allowing the User to withdraw from our mailing lists.

6. Retention period

In accordance with the law, the retention period of personal data collected via the website is limited to 3 years from the last interaction between the User and the site or application.

The retention period (known as "Caching") of data collected by the servers of JustAuthMe via its mobile application when the User voluntarily connects to a service using the JustAuthMe application is limited to 60 seconds from the collection of said data. This is the only period of time available to the service to which the User wishes to connect to retrieve this data from JustAuthMe. Once recovered (or the 60 second maximum time limit has elapsed), the data is permanently erased from the JustAuthMe servers.

7. Limited Liability

JustAuthMe SAS cannot be held responsible for the use made of its users' data by third party sites and applications that use the JustAuthMe solution. The User must inform himself/herself about the different data processing policies practiced by the websites and applications to which they wish to connect via the JustAuthMe solution.

8. Translation

The French version of the present Privacy policy is the only one applicable in case of any dispute. This English translated version exists for information purposes only and has no legal application.