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How does JustAuthMe provide more security than my passwords?

Most people use passwords with too few characters, or that contain easily findable personal information such as a birth or date of birth, the name of their child, their pet, or their city of birth. Not to mention the huge proportion of users who reuse the same password on every site they visit. We believe that biometric authentication, combined with a single smartphone, can drastically increase the security of these people's data.

Since the end of 2010, biometric technologies have greatly evolved and have become an important part of our daily lives. The world's largest banks trust the biometric technologies of iOS and Android smartphones to verify and validate contactless payments with no limit of amount. We therefore deduced that the logical next step was to use this same technology to enable identification on any website.

Where is my data stored?

The data entered in the application is stored exclusively on your cell phone. Only a hash of your e-mail address is saved on our servers, which are hosted in Nanterre, in the Paris region. A "hash" is an imprint left by your e-mail that allows you to associate your account with your e-mail address without directly knowing it. Your data is not transmitted to a third party at any time. For more information, see our privacy policy.

How do I integrate JustAuthMe into my website?

Integrating JustAuthMe into your website is child's play! All you have to do is display a button to our platform in your registration/login form, and wait for an identification token to be sent back to you in response, allowing you to access the user's information. One link and a single API call is all it takes to take advantage of the full power of JustAuthMe. It's done in less than 10 minutes! Our portal for developers will allow you to get your API key, which is essential to use our solution.

How do I proceed if my phone has been stolen?

First, go directly to block your account by clicking here. You will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to proceed. By doing this, the JustAuthMe data stored on your device will be deleted and the application will be reset.

Can I recover my data after blocking my account?

No, as seen previously, we do not store your data on our servers. It is therefore not possible to retrieve them on different devices without manipulation on your part. But if you connect to JustAuthMe from another phone with the same email address, thanks to the hash (fingerprint) of this one you will only have to re-enter your first and last name, or import your Cloud backup file to reuse your application normally. Nevertheless, your accounts on our partner sites are not lost! You won't see any difference once reconnected with the same email address.

What about the information stored on my laptop if I delete the application?

In the event that you wish to uninstall our system from your device, the information stored on your device will be automatically deleted along with the JustAuthMe application. However, the accounts you created on our partner sites will remain in place.

Can I continue to access my accounts created with JustAuthMe if I decide to do without the service?

Absolutely! Simply go to the sites in question and use the "Forgot Password" function to create a password and associate it with your email address.