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Put password to retirement

The password was created in the 1960' by a MIT professor, Fernando Corbató, in order for multiple researchers to work on a single computer while keeping their work private.

50 years later, he will end up calling his invention a "security nightmare" because of its numerous flaws. It's an outdated technology that no longer answers to our world problems.

At JustAuthMe, we believe that password did it's time and that we now need to replace it by more moderns, secured and easy-to-use technologies: biometrics, QR-Codes or NFC are some examples.

Free ourselves from the nightmare of forms

We fill a lot of forms everyday in which we always repeat the same data: e-mail, first name, last name, street adress, etc.

Yet our phone and our computer already know these data, so why should we still fill them again and again, day after day?

The JustAuthMe app, in addition to allow a true passwordless login, offers you the possibility to register without filling a single form field. The data are simply transferred from your phone to the serviceyou wish to subscribe to, no frills.

Keep privacy private

The data you fill into the JustAuthMe app are only stored on your smartphone. There are only transmitted to the services you chose to login to for the first time.

thanks to the JustAuthMe advanced decision system, you can choose which data to share or not at avery new login. You are 100% in control of your data and what you do with it.

We do not hold any personal data about you, not even your e-mail address. However, if you change your phone, we are still capable of recognizing you and to give your accounts accesses back. This is the JustAuthMe eco-system.

Revolutionize authentication

With JustAuthMe, we offer modern, secured and incredibly easy to handle eco-system. Just scan a QR-Code and accept the login attempt on your smartphone thanks to biometrics. That's it, you're logged in.

A such simplicity and great speed are made possible thanks to a brand new design, from a blank sheet of paper.

We ignored the existing to completely re-think the authentication experience. With JustAuthMe, log yourself in one click to your favorites services, without any password or form.

Join the JustAuthMe revolution